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Produced from organically grown fruit and packed in eco-friendly, bags for all your cocktail and G&T requirements.  Seasonal orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit and berries are dehydrated to last longer with no waste and no fuss.  Don't be stuck in the kitchen at parties, our fruit can be ready to go faster than you can say The Zest Co.  Perfect for picnics, Pimms, punches and presents and obviously as a gorgeous gin and tonic garnish for the home bar.

Our packs are made from sustainable, ethically managed sources and once the clever tin-tie sealing system has been ripped off is fully recyclable or compostable.  Our aim is to eliminate single use and eventually all plastic from our production process.

Cut into generous whole wheels of zesty loveliness or handy halves to fit all glass sizes, our dried cocktail garnish will enhance almost any cocktail you could wish for.

Prepared with care and packed with love.

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