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Just enough to try out with a new gin.

Four slices of Clementine paired with your chosen botanical from our Botanical Pick 'n' Mix range.


Create a gift box with a lovely bottle and gorgeous glass, and a pack of our Botanical Pick 'n' Mix. Or set up your own online tasting session with your friends and send them each a pack.


Once you have chosen your fruit, select your botanical/herb/spice from the drop down menu and we'll do the rest!


Let us know if there is a combo you love that we haven't thought of yet. 

Clementine Tasting Pack

  • Juniper add a few juniper berries for when you want your gin to taste a bit more, well, ginny. A slightly piney, resinous flavour with an after taste a little like black pepper.


    Rose Petals add a delightful floral aroma and taste. They float prettily on the surface and give a luxurious finishing touch to a delicate cocktail or summer drink.


    Hibiscus Petals give a tart tangy flavour somewhat similar to cranberries.


    Coriander Seeds will back up and elongate the citrusy flavour of the fruit and work beautifully in a juniper-forward gin.


    Cardamom Pods work wonderfully well with orange, these green pods give a very slightly perfumed taste, while adding a menthol touch at the same time.


    Cinnamon Sticks work especially well with grapefruit and linger more as an after taste than upfront on the nose. Use sparingly; perhaps just as a stirrer in cocktails, as the sweet, liquorice flavour can become overpowering.


    Ginger Slices dried ginger gives a more aromatic and less fiery flavour profile than the fresh variety, although the spicy tang remains.


    Mace Blades want that seasonal, warming nutmeggy flavour without the powder floating on your drink? Try some Mace Blades. These blades have an orangey-red irregular appearance and a softer, sweeter, more woody flavour than their Nutmeg bedfellow.


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