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Multiple Taster Packs of orange and pink peppercorns

Our Taster Packs

Larger Quantities and Specific Ingredients

Drop us a note on if you are looking for larger volumes of dehydrated fruit for retail or clubs.

Our minimum quantities of our classic 35g bag start as low as 10 units of any variety.

Our Mini Zest bags start at a minimum of 30 units of any variety of our cocktail garnish.

Most of our fruits also come in much larger 100g sizes, ideal for pubs, clubs, mobile or short-on-space bars and events.​

Use our new pick 'n' mix botanical packs to add to your subscription box.  Choose a citrus wheel and select a botanical from a wide variety, we do the rest.  Ideal for Tasting Kits, online tasting sessions and giveaways with your special bottles.

Looking for a particular variety of fruit?  Contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

Catering packs of dried fruit for cocktails
Catering packs of dehydrated fruit for cocktails
Various sizes of dried fruit for gin


Q. How many slices do you get in each pack size?

A. The slice count can vary somewhat.  It can depend upon the overall fresh fruit size and other things, but as a very rough guide, the table below would not be too far out.


Florals, botanicals and other garnishes are sold by weight.

Q. Is it too early to ask about Christmas?

A. No of course not!

After such a wonderful response to our fruit last year, we thought we had better give some thought to how Christmas is likely to be this year.  Just so we can save everybodys sanity - including our own!

While we love to accept your wholesale orders at anytime we are going to ask that orders for Christmas are with us by 
1st November 2021.  In this way we can safely ensure delivery in time for the festivities.  Later orders will of course be processed as quickly as possible, but they will not have that guarantee.

More specifically we would suggest that retailers & stockists consider ordering by the end of September.  Yes, it seems really early but, that way we can ensure you have nice full shelves before the Christmas shopping frenzy kicks off and you can capitalise on The First Non-Lockdown gifting season in what seems like forever!  Don't worry about the BBE dates - these will be well into the New Year by then.

Subscription Boxes - some of you amazing people have worked with us to schedule your garnish packs and delivery times right up until January 2022.  This is fabulous and really helps ensure you get the best possible service for your customers.  Drop us an email and we'll be delighted to work with you.

Bars, restaurants, distilleries, hampers & corporate gifting. Please allow time for us to process your order and get it back to you, all ready for you to help your festive hospitality go with a swing and to plump up your gorgeous hampers and gift bags, and then sending on to your lucky recipients.  

Please be aware that, much as it pains us, we may have to refuse some orders during December.
As always, get in touch if you have any questions or comments.


For monthly Product List updates and occasional fruity news, please sign up for our dedicated Wholesalers emails.  We promise we won't bug you.  For other enquiries or anything requiring immediate attention, please email us directly at

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10g mini bags containing dried fruit for cocktails
10g mini bags of dehydrated fruit for gin