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Multiple Taster Packs of orange and pink peppercorns

Wholesale Garnish Supplies

Larger Quantities and Specific Ingredients

Drop us a note to if you are looking for larger volumes of dehydrated fruit for retail or clubs.

Our minimum quantities of our classic 35g bag start as low as 10 units of any variety.

Our Mini Zest bags start at a minimum of 30 units of any variety of our cocktail garnish.

Most of our fruits also come in much larger 100g sizes, ideal for pubs, clubs, mobile or short-on-space bars and events.​

Use our new pick 'n' mix botanical packs to add to your subscription box.  Choose a citrus wheel and select a botanical from a wide variety, we do the rest.  Ideal for Tasting Kits, online tasting sessions and giveaways with your special bottles.

Looking for a particular variety of fruit?  Contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

Mulled Gin Garnish
Mulled Gin Pack Garnish

New NatureFlex™ Cellophane Bags

Our popular Kraft paper 10g Mini bags are becoming increasingly difficult to source.  So we have found an alternative in these eco-friendly Natureflex film bags.  They are made from wood pulp which is sourced from managed, sustainable locations and is GM free.  For the end consumer the bags can be home composted.

The block bottom bags are of a very similar size as our old Kraft bags and being crystal clear allow customers to have a full view of the contents.  They weigh much less and can be sealed to a much better finish.

Catering packs of dried fruit for cocktail garnish
Wholesale garnish UK
Various sizes of dried fruit garnish for gin


Q. Do you offer samples?

A. Yes of course.  For a small charge we would be happy to send you a selection of fruit for you to have a look at.  Just drop us an email at

The £5 charge will cover the postage costs and help us out a bit with the packing.

Q. How many slices do you get in each pack size?

A. The slice count can vary somewhat.  It can depend upon the overall fresh fruit size and other things, but as a very rough guide, the table below would not be too far out.

How many slices do you get in a bag

Florals, botanicals and other garnishes are sold by weight.

For monthly Product List updates and occasional fruity news, please sign up for our dedicated Wholesalers emails.  We promise we won't bug you.  For other enquiries or anything requiring immediate attention, please email us directly at

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