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Some kind words ... 

[I was given} some of your products for my birthday as I had a drink a few months ago and loved them in my gin.


I wanted to say thank you, they are wonderful and your story of how you started your business is a great one, I hope that you can continue in "lockdown" as quite a few of us are now jobless, however, I have moved onto a cocktail selection at weekends to cheer the weekend up and the clementine one was fab in a cocktail.


This was was Negroni but I renamed it after my cottage, as I used Clementine rather than Orange fruit, it was Campari, Gin and Vermouth.  

Debbie, Rutland

Dried clementine slices by The Zest Co
Dehydrated fruit for cocktails

On opening this wonderful pack from TheZestCo, you are instantly hit with delicious citrus aromas.  I could have literally just sat there for ages taking it all in.  The packaging is also really good with a clever resealable metal clip to keep it all fresh.

socialgingirl : Instagram
Dehydrated fruit for cocktails

...we have garnished our G&Ts with dried oranges from thezestco to bring out the smell of zesty oranges even more.  Not only do these dried oranges smell great, they also look fantastic in a glass.

the.gin.couple : Instagram
Dehydrated fruit for cocktails
Dehydrated fruit for cocktails

Here at ginonthetyne we love supporting new businesses.  I give you thezestco - we came across these guys on Instagram and knew we had to try their sliced/dehydrated garnish! Yes, you may say it's more expensive than cutting up a citrus fruit, but after opening up the packet the smell was absolutely breathtaking! Goodness knows how much it will enhance our beloved G&Ts and bring a new depth of flavour. In our pack there was lime, grapefruit, orange, lemon, strawberry and raspberry, so plenty of flavour combinations to try and enjoy! Delivery speed and customer service also fantastic! We will definitely be ordering again and without a doubt have the ginonthetyne seal of approval.

ginonthetyne : Instagram
Dehydrated fruit for cocktails

"I was gifted a couple of packets of these gorgeous dried fruit slices from TheZestCo and they're gorgeous.  What I love most about TheZestCo is their packaging is made entirely from sustainable and ethical sources."


Celebrating World Gin Day with the perfect pairing.  Dartmouth Gin with Navas Drinks tonic, lime and lemon slices from thezestco with plenty of ice.  Topped off with a good helping of lemon sorbet. Yum. 


Gin sorbet for dessert....using thezestco lemon slices, strawberries and my cache of frozen blackberries as a garnish.

theginwyche: Insta

Looking for the perfect serve?!

Keep an eye out for TheZestCo of Stamford - in the final stages of development, I was fortunate enough to be gifted a sample and I must say I am very impressed!

From the point of opening the pack you are treated to a gloriously concentrated fruity scent, from a beautiful selection of organic orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, raspberries and strawberries.

The fruits are hand sliced and dried to preserve.  The pack I received in May has a best before date of October 2019.

Not only do the fruits smell divine, the citrus slices are akin to stained glass, the way light passes through the thinly-sliced segments.

The orange & lime perfectly complimented and further enhanced my Hayman's London Dry Gin citrus notes.  The strawberries and raspberries similarly, infusing and giving it a distinctive pink tint.

TheZestCo have given the packaging much thought, with a tin-tie enabling you to re-seal the pack. It is also, once removing the metal tie, 100% compostable, even the viewing window!


Celebrating World Gin Day with a Hayman's London Dry Gin, mixed with Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic Water, garnished with slices of thezestco orange and lime!

 milfordcreeds: Insta
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