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Cranberries have a very tart, acidic taste and are naturally low in sugars which lends them beautifully to being used in a sweeter cocktail or liqueur to help achieve a tasteful balance of flavours.


Add them as an unexpected and exciting twist to cosmopolitans, mojitos and margharitas.  They look absolutely stunning with our dehydrated lime!


Cranberries can come from various countries around the world.


Minimum 10g per pack.

The Cranberry One

  • Dried cranberries keep amazingly well and you will notice our Best Before Date is positively futuristic.


    However, it is absolutely imperative that dried fruit is kept well away from damp conditions and as dry as possible.   Once opened turn the top of the bags turned over a few times and hold closed with a peg to keep moisture out.  Alternatively, dried fruit looks stunning in flip-top glass jars. 

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