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Sweet, firm pears sliced and dunked into organic lemon juice. Use whenever ginger is included in your cocktail, if mixing up a sherry based drink or just swap out apple slices for pear.


They are also a delicious snack.


Minimum 35g per pack. Very approximately 50 slices, but slice size can vary.


Pear variety will vary but generally we try to use Packham, Conference or Williams pears.

The Pear One

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  • This fruit is certified organically grown, and comes to you as close to its natural state as can be, therefore you may see the odd bump or blemish on the skin. 

    No known allergens are used in any of our products, but whilst all care has been taken, we cannot completely guarantee that cross-contamination has not occurred.

    We try to be as observant as we can during the preparation, but the odd pip or seed may sneak through – don’t worry, we don’t charge extra for these.

    Countries of origin may vary, but will be stated on the label.

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