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Minimum 35g dried weight of dried Sicilian Blood Orange slices.  

Blood Orange adds an unexpected punch of vibrant colour and a new flavour dimension to your gin, cocktails and drinks.

Grown in the EU.

Season December - March


Due to pollination some fruit may have seeds.


Our favourite species of blood orange coming into ZestHQ are Moro oranges from Sicily.  They are smaller but the flavour is more intense and acidic than some of the other breeds of blood orange.

These Moro oranges are truly the prima donnas of the orange world, if not of all citrus fruits.  They are smaller than your standard orange but are complete drama queens, with a sense of the spectacular far beyond their physical size.  The red blushed skin hides a dramatically dark secret only discovered once the first cut has been made.  They make such a theatrical impact despite the small size that they inspire all sorts of stories and ideas and fanciful notions.  The flesh turns to a glorious red pigment coinciding with the first snows on Mount Etna.  The colour can vary from an elegant rose gold through to Barbie pink on towards old port and deepest darkest beetroot.

A sojourn in the dehydrator does nothing more than lock those fabulous colours in place.

Truly, if ever a fruit could be a person, the Moro would be a small, dark firebrand of an Italian actress, quick to anger, easy to love, hiding a chiaroscuro of changing secrets.

Dried Blood Orange Slices

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  • We suggest you use your sliced fruit within six months of purchase, however dried fruit has been known to last for years!


    It is absolutely essential to keep the fruit in a dry atmosphere, out of bright light and with the top of the bags turned over a few times.

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