Kumquats are tiny ovoid shaped citrus fruits, similar in size to a large olive.  The smooth orange skin appears rather thick in relation to the size.  Despite the tiny size, this flavour bomb fills your mouth with an explosion of sweet to tart to citrus flavour.

They come to us resembling miniature oranges with the same colour skin but rather more oval in shape.  We just give them a quick wash, slice and dry them.  The inner, slightly more sour, flesh all but disappears once dehydrated leaving a hollow golden orange ring, with perhaps a few of the more tenacious white seeds attached.

Add them to any sweet citrussy cocktail to counterbalance any syrupy sugariness.

Try them in a Kumquat Martini or a Kumquat Whisky Sour, or add them to gin, St Germain, sugar syrup and soda for a cocktail with a lip smacking zesty citrus side. 


15g dried weight

Organically grown in Spain 

The Kumquat One

  • We suggest you use your sliced fruit within six months of purchase, however dried fruit has been known to last for years.


    It is absolutely essential to keep the fruit in a dry atmosphere and away from damp at all costs.  Keep out of overly bright light and with the top of the bags turned over a few times, or transfer to an airtight container.