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Not a coffee drinker, but love an espresso martini?  Love coffee but don't use whole beans? Looking for just a few beans to perfectly finish your coffee cocktail?

We have the answer!

2g of Organic whole coffee beans.  Giving you enough for the traditional three bean garnish for you and your friends to enjoy (responsibly of course!).

Espresso Martinis are usually garnished with three coffee beans arranged in the centre of the glass, in a tight triangle with their noses just touching.  This tradition comes from Italy and the beans represent Health, Wealth and Happiness.  I'll drink to that!

Coffee Beans

  • Organic Dark Roast Beans.


    Well rounded with citrus highlights and a caramel sweetness - a perfect addition to your cocktail cabinet.


    We have chosen Source Climate Change Coffee as our bean of choice.  From Gishwati Forest in Rwanda.   

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