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Dried Hibiscus petals can be a herbal heavyweight, adding a tart almost cranberry taste to your drink.  As it is immersed in the liquid it imparts a pink tint that can darken to almost a red wine colour.  The irregular colours and shapes of the petals add a stunning visual and irresistable talking point to many cocktails


Add to prosecco or try a hibiscus marguerita or martini.


Minimum 10g of flowers and petals.

Organically grown in Uzbekistan.

Hibiscus Petals

  • Kept in our eco-friendly bags, we suggest you use your Hibiscus Petals within six months of purchase, however, transfer them to an airtight container, such as a clip-top Mason jar, they will keep beautifully for much longer.


    It is absolutely essential to keep the petals in a dry atmosphere.

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