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Just add your Pimms, London Cup, Summer Cup or chosen summertime drink.


Five slices each of Orange, Lemon, Apple and Kiwi - enough for five servings.


Add 50ml of your chosen drink to a glass filled with ice, pop in a slice of each fruit from The Summer Mix pack. Top up with lemonade or ginger ale and stir gently.  Pop in a sprig of mint if you have any around.  Then and Most Importantly, find a place in the sun to relax.  Repeat as necessary (but responsibily) .

The Summer Mix

  • Your dried fruit will keep in optimum condition in an airtight container and is best used within three months of opening the pack.  Unopened the pack will last up to six months.

    Keep in a dry place.

  • This fruit is certified organically grown, and comes to you as close to its natural state as can be, therefore you may see the odd bump or blemish on the skin. 

    No known allergens are used in any of our products, but whilst all care has been taken, we cannot completely guarantee that cross-contamination has not occurred.

    Apples are dipped in organic lemon juice before drying to help preserve their colour and flavour.

    We try to be as observant as we can during the preparation, but the odd pip or seed may sneak through – don’t worry, we don’t charge extra for these.

    Countries of origin may vary, but will be stated on the label.

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