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Seasonal Product Alert!  Bergamot Slices


Deliciously aromatic, bergamot is a cross between oranges and lemon with a good zing of lime thrown in for good measure.  Best known as the flavouring in Earl Grey Tea, bergamot brings extra citrus zest to a G&T but with the calming, scented overtone we are all familiar with.  The skin colour can range from sandy yellow to deep green, and may be smooth or bumpy.  The flesh dries out to a soft gold.


The Orange Bergamot has been replaced with Bergamot Lemons.  Resembling a smooth skinned lemon,  but altogether a more rounded fruit, still containing that intoxicating Earl Grey aroma.


35 gram minimum weight.

Grown in the EU.

The Bergamot One

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  • We suggest you use your sliced fruit within six months of purchase, however dried fruit has been known to last for years!


    It is absolutely essential to keep the fruit in a dry atmosphere and away from damp at all costs.  Keep out of overly bright light and with the top of the bags turned over a few times, or transfer to an airtight container.

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