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Is Spring springing?

I am not going to say I have noticed a change in the season, all I will say is that I *think* it is becoming dark a smidge later in the afternoon. The minutely later Dawn Chorus seems to be getting a little louder, and the odd overly plump woodpigeon has been spotted lumbering across the skies bearing twigs and leaves. Owing to their inherent rotundity they are known around here variously as Basher or Bomber. (But that’s a story for another time involving warring racing pigeon brothers.) Small and brave shoots of crocus, daffodil and other bulbs are starting to push the first few inches of green above the still frozen ground, but are a welcome sight nonetheless.

‘What on earth has this to do with garnishes?’ I hear you cry. Well, not a lot really but simply a lifting of the mood, attributed to a minute or two more of daylight, and my emergence from the fog of a stinking cold; leading to me having the urge to lay a few words upon the world.

Also thoughts are turning towards the good things in life that the gift of finer weather brings. Barbecues, summer weddings, outdoors parties, al fresco dining, picnics, long walks and festivals are all starting to be the subject of optimistic conversations among family and friends.

And naturally where friends gather the drink flows. (See, I knew I would make the connection eventually!) Whether you choose alcohol free drinks, soft drinks, bubbly drinks, mocktails or cocktails, we can lend a helping hand with the final flourish.

The Chatterrati have made numerous predictions for cocktails in Spring / Summer '23 involving hibiscus petals, pineapple slices and kumquats, and also some rather bizarre concoctions involving heritage carrots amongst other things. Alongside the glorious perennials of the citrus pantheon: orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit.

Take a stroll through our offerings on our Shop Pages and allow us to help you drink even more beautifully this summer. Not matter what, where or with whom.

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