summer cocktail garnishes, fruit, floral, botanicals, summer nights, sunny days, relaxed evenings. Organically grown fruit. Eco-friendly packaging, sustainable

Getting ready for


Lazy, sunny days

Warm, relaxed evenings

And oh-oh those Summer Nights

Don't waste your time slicing, our fruit, floral and botanical garnishes are ready to go.

Images by Ruth Clements Photography

Summer cocktails, sunny happy fun drinks, fruit, floral, botanical garnishes.  Organically grown, sustainably packed, eco-friendly, pure, natural, no additives
Organically grown, sustainably packed, eco friendly, cocktail garnishes. Gin & Tonic ingredients. Dried fruit, dehydrated fruit, dried florals dried flowers, gin botanicals
Cocktail garnishes, finishing touches, drink enhancements, eco-friendly, no additives, pure, kind, easy ingredients
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Cocktail: Beez Kneez by Tipsy with Tyreek 

Massive thanks to Ruth for her fantastic help, support and simply gorgeous imagery.  Simply one of the friendliest, fun people I know. Check her out at Ruth Clements Photography.

Ever wasted a whole lemon for the sake of one slice in your G and T? They just don't keep that well once they are cut, do they?

Ever fancied a cocktail but didn't have the orange/lemon/lime/berries available to give it that finishing touch?

These bags of dried, mixed fruit will last for months and provide just about all the fruity garnish you could wish for.