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We think our fruit is pretty cool.  But don't just take our word for it

Negroni cocktail with clementine garnish from The Zest Co

Debbie, Rutland

I wanted to say thank you, they are wonderful and the story of how you started your business is a great one.  I hope you can continue in Lockdown as quite a few of us are now jobless.  I have moved onto a cocktail selection at the weekends to cheer the weekend up, and The Clementine One was fab in a cocktail.

Dehydrated grapefruit for cocktail garnish by The Zest Co

Gemma, Hertfordshire

The Zest Co.’s garnishes are truly gorgeous! From the moment of opening the box and seeing each packet beautifully wrapped, to the perfect fruit and flowers inside. We have just ordered a large box to make sure we never run out and our drinks are always looking extra lovely..'

Dehydrated blood orange by The Zest Co

Mothers_ruined_Gin, Roundofgin.com

I have been using Zest Co Garnishes for some time now and they are just brilliant. Fresh, and delicious, when you open the packets the smell is just amazing. My absolutely favourite are the Blood Oranges, but I have had citrus mix, lemons, juniper berries, raspberries, strawberries, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. You get a decent amount in the packs and they are really good value for money. Sarah gives great customer service too and is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Give these garnishes a go, they are really great.

Dehydrated lemon garnish for cocktails by The Zest Co

Joyful Likes Gin, Roundofgin.com

I came across ZestCo by chance, thought I’d give them a go and have never looked back. The fruits’ intense taste is amazing and makes my gin sing out – the only problem I have is working out which fruit works best in my fave gin. That’s some research I don’t mind doing. The bonus question for me is when the glass is empty of gin: do I gobble the gorgeous fruit or top up the glass with water and leave it overnight in the fridge for a fruity pre-breakfast pick me up? Great admiration for ZestCo’s sustainable angle, organic fruit simply prepared and packaged in environmentally compostable paper bags. Yes please. I will be a repeat customer for many years. Thanks.

Ever wasted a whole lemon for the sake of one slice in your G and T? They just don't keep that well once they are cut, do they?

Ever fancied a cocktail but didn't have the orange/lemon/lime/berries available to give it that finishing touch?

These bags of dried, mixed fruit will last for months and provide just about all the fruity garnish you could wish for.