Cocktail: Beez Kneez by Tipsy with Tyreek 

Cocktail: The Colwith Cosmo by Tipsy with Tyreek

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Beez Kneez - Tipsy with Tyreek-3.jpg
Colwith Cosmo - Tipsy with Tyreek-2-3.jp
Beez Kneez - Tipsy with Tyreek-1.jpg

Dried fruit: light enough for butterflies wings and zesty enough to make a Cosmo sing

Stunning cocktail imagery from Tipsy with Tyreek ( tipsywithtyreek.com )

Ever wasted a whole lemon for the sake of one slice in your G and T? They just don't keep that well once they are cut, do they?

Ever fancied a cocktail but didn't have the orange/lemon/lime/berries available to give it that finishing touch?

These bags of dried, mixed fruit will last for months and provide just about all the fruity garnish you could wish for.