The Great Unlocking

So long as nothing has changed by the time this is written and read, I would guess that many people in the hospitality sector are prepping and gearing up for the Great Unlocking. It's going to be wonderful to see all our vibrant pubs and bars filled with people and laughter once again - even if it's just in the garden to begin with. But, whether you use dried garnishes or fresh or even no garnish at all - one thing is for sure; everyone in customer facing positions are going to be busy. We'd like to think we can be of some help here (no, I'm not offering myself out as a barmaid, I can't add up and my short term memory is so bad it is the stuff of legends), we can supply bar packs of almost all the fruit you could need. Spend a few moments decanting it into glass Kilner style jars, our slices of oranges, lemon, grapefruit et al will look absolutely stunning behind the bar. Sliced for convenience and dehydrated to last longer, you could save a few precious seconds with every cocktail you garnish.

Fruit News: Bergamot is starting to get a little more difficult to source, while strawberries and raspberries are starting to appear more widely. We have just added Cranberries to our Botanicals range, but do let us know if you need a larger quantity.

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