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The First Bloods

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Unless you have been living in a cave, the best news of the fruity season is that blood oranges have made an appearance in our fruit suppliers produce list. Anyone that knows us or follows us, even a bit, on Social knows that we are huge fans of these beauties and can never get enough of them.

The first 'bloods' of the season are always a bit of a gamble. When they appear we are always too excited to remember to ask our supplier to cut one open and show us how Bloody they have managed to become in this early part of the season, and as per last year, our first delivery of Bloods was disappointingly unBloody. However they were gloriously large and had that distinctive slight raspberry background taste, despite the flesh remaining obstinately blush-free.

However we managed to learn our lesson for our second delivery and the result is that we can offer the darkly decadent Moro orange. These are a smaller orange altogether and have more of an acidic taste than their larger brethren. The colour ranges from soft rose gold through Barbie pink to deepest beetroot. These will add a massive wow-factor to any cocktail, G&T, punch or Sangria.

Offered in our standard 35g retail packs, and becoming available as a fruit option in our newly rolled out fruit & botanical pick 'n' mix range, in clear cellophane bags (made from wood and vegetable pulp). And they are, of course, organically grown from a certified grower in Sicily.

Drop us an email on if you have any questions or are interested in different sizes or mixes.

Happy Zesting!

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