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Mistletoe & Wine - Tatler

For those of you who (whom?) know me, you will understand that this is huge HUGE. For those of you who (whom?) don't know me; this is HUUUGE. And the best thing is? THEY CAME TO ME! Tatler was never, ever on my radar. In another life I dabble a bit in marketing and know that a little bit of Tatler real estate costs more than my car is worth. And yet, somehow, somewhere a very delightful young lady within those exalted offices came across me/ my website/ my social media/ my product. I will probably never know how, but to everyone that has ever mentioned TheZestCo, bought from TheZestCo, or shared any social media content brought to you by TheZestCo; I thank you most hugely.

And don't worry I did not have to sell Vinnie the Juke, remortgage my humble abode or barter away a kidney, this very delightful young lady from those exalted offices came to me with an offer I would have been utterly stupid not to have accepted.

So next time you are elegantly sipping on a perfectly poured G&T, beautifully served with a slice of TheZestCo dry lemon garnish, think that your fellow drinkers may well be an HRH, an It or currently starring on stage or screen, likewise inhaling the fabulous aroma of a zesty little wheel of dehydrated citrus. You never know.

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