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A Little Something Extra

A Little Something Extra Schrodingers Garnish

As we pick our way carefully out of lockdown, I think we all acknowledge that our shopping habits have changed - probably for good. It's been a difficult few months, but one of the great things we have noticed is subscription boxes of all shapes, sizes and for all interests and pockets, springing up for every conceivable product. I love 'em and wish I could subscribe to them all. From miniature bottles of our favourite tipple, right up to full blown 70cl bottles of gorgeousness from Clubs and Distilleries, and so much else besides. And of course, we all look for something a bit extra in the box. If you have just started a subscription box business, or if you would like to add a little something when shipping out your creations from your distillery, take a look at our Taster Packs. Our cellulose packs are crystal clear and just perfect for five or six slices of fruit and a berry or two. You can choose to have a single variety or a mix of fruit, florals and botanicals - you're in charge here! We can even offer very simple personalisation to the label: calling out your company or printing in your brand colours. These bags are made from wood pulp taken from sustainable sources, and can be added to garden compost where they will degrade in line with worldwide industry norms - so they tick all the right eco-boxes. Alternatively, our super cute Kraft paper mini pouches are spot on for a spoonful of lavender, coriander seeds, coffee beans.... you name it, if it's small and cute, it will look fab in these bags.

Mini bags, garnish, botanicals
Mini Kraft Pouches

And as for Schrodingers Garnish? Is it in the box or not in the box, or is it both at the same time? You decide.

In fruit News: We bid the saddest of sad farewells to the glorious Blood Orange. I make no excuses when I say this is my absolute favourite citrus (sshhh don't tell the limes, they'll go green with envy). Every year I say I will dehydrate enough stock to keep us going well into summer, and every year it sells out almost before the season ends. Similarly Clementines are having their short off-season holiday. This is just a short pause and they are still to be found, if you know where to look - so give us a shout if you are desperate. And finally... Citrus Monstruosa (see image below) This bad boy is a super rare citrus fruit grown in only a small region of Italy. Its heritage is still under wraps but it is thought its closest relatives are orange and grapefruit. As it could be quite a while until this beast makes an appearance inside the dryers at ZestHQ, we will have to content ourselves with the next closest substitute - the humble grapefruit to replicate the flavour. We have had some awfully knobbly lemons through recently, though nothing like this size. I hear the makers of Drumshando Gin at PJ Rigney's Shed Distillery have launched The Sardinian Citrus, a new gin distilled with this monster. Now if someone would be so kind as to treat me to a bottle of this fab sounding gin, it would keep me happy in the meantime.

New citrus fruit
Citrus Monstruosa

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