Minimum 35g dried weight of Sicilian Blood Oranges.  

Blood Orange adds an unexpected punch of vibrant colour and a new flavour dimension to your gin, cocktails and drinks.

Grown in the EU.


The season rolls on and we say goodbye to the dark and decadent deep red flesh of Moro and move on to Tarocco.  Less vividly pigmented but offering a softer, sweeter flavour.  One of the preferred Table Oranges for Italian consumption, the Tarocco is said to have the highest value of Vitamin C of any orange, mainly on account of being grown on the marvellously fertile soil around Mount Etna.


The Blood Orange One

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  • We suggest you use your sliced fruit within six months of purchase, however dried fruit has been known to last for years!


    It is absolutely essential to keep the fruit in a dry atmosphere, out of bright light and with the top of the bags turned over a few times.