It's May!

And we all know what that means;  #GinADayMay created and organised by the fabulous Sarah, @gin_a_ding_ding on Instagram.  For anyone unaware we are given a caption or prompt to loosely follow or interpret at our will, each day throughout the month of May.  Participants then post a photo related to the prompt, with or without an explanation.

For anyone not on Instagram these are the efforts posted by Team Zest:

Dehydrated fruit for gin

Day 19 Event 🧡
Our first ever stand at a food fair. We learnt an awful about our market


Day 18 Miniatures 🧡
I am fascinated by anything in miniature, it probably comes from having a home made dolls house and tiny toy farm animals as a kid. So I had to have play with miniaturising The Zest Co pack. 💛

Day 17 Distillery 🧡
We were lucky enough to receive some distillery tour tickets from lovely Mark @milfordcreeds and so last Autumn we went to White Peak Distillery in Derbyshire . They had just been struck by tremendous flooding throughout the site, and getting a group of 12 gin-swillers safely across the site was a logistical nightmare for Max and the team. However we all survived the raging torrents by various means and spent a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon learning the history and sampling the produce of this fascinating place. Recommend a visit if you are ever that way. 💛

dried fruit for gin

Day 16 Navy Strength 🧡
Its not navy, but it is Elephant Strength from Elephant Gin coming in at the required 57% vol, this is delightfully smooth and sweet, with Fevertree Premium Tonic. It was recommended to go with *gasp* No Garnish - can you believe it - but I'm going to try it next with a slice of dehydrated orange, just to coax a bit more sweetness out of it. 💛
I absolutely love that a whopping 15% of the profits go to help in the fight against the utterly disgusting ivory poaching trade. 💚
Each bottle is named after one of seven mighty elephants. I am so happy to welcome Mafunyane to the gin collection 🤍


Day 15 Botanicals.  Naturally everything centres around the King Botanical, Juniper, and of course for us the next best thing in our gin is a hint of citrus.
After that, well anything goes, herbs, flowers, peppery spices...💚


Day 14 Eco-friendly.  I love this one as its right up our strasse.  When we started up one year and one day ago (exactly! Happy Birthday to us😄) we decided nothing we would do would cause more single use plastic in the world, to reduce, reuse and recycle pretty much everything we could. 💛
A huge part of that revolved around our choice of bags:
Sustainable ✅
Compostable or Recyclable ✅
Biodegradable ✅
Responsible ✅
Plant based linings ✅
A bit more pricey, yes, and possibly not as robust as we would like, but these bags informed the central ethos of TZC. Our postal packaging consists of cardboard, recycled paper and paper tape. Our fruit is organically grown and supplied by a local importer. Any waste from the fruit is added to our own compost heap. No plastic is used in the supply chain and all packaging is recycled.💚
No we are not perfect and yes we have a way to go but we are doing what we can ❤

Day11 and its Behind the Scenes.  This one was a bit of a challenge, I wanted to show some of the TZC kit, but it doesn't present in a very attractive way.  However, I think this shows what we are all about. Basically a constant round of cleaning and cutting, cleaning and drying, cleaning and packing, cleaning and repeat.


Day 12 and its Homemade.  I have had these homemade bottles of sloe gin, cherry brandy and apricot vodka kicking about for years.  When I concocted them I obviously had great and misplaced trust in my memory as I only labelled two.

I placed them in front of a homemade tapestry which we have had in the family for years.   


Day 10.  Bathtub.  I believe this was supposed to mean bathtub gin but I decided to go left field and presented Gin in a Tub.

Turns out a huge number of other Instagrammers had the same thought.  Anyway I had a lot of fun with it.


Day 8. Seeing as I went all fangirly over the amazing River Test bottle, I felt I had fulfilled this challenge, and did not post it again. It truly is a stunning bottle and I just know I will hang on to it, long after is has been emptied.

Day 9. Pairing.  To me there is no finer pairing than these three beauties (what's the equivalent of 'pairing' for three?) Brentingby Barrel Aged Gin plus Fever Tree ginger ale plus our dried oranges. The gin brings everything I like about whisky to the table; a sweet, malty, smoky indulgence, while the ginger ale buiilds on the sweetness also adding a tiny spicy sharp edge,  The orange brings the two together in the most delightful way.

Orange day.jpg

Day 7. Orange.  I think this theme was made with us in mind.  A chance to show off our love for the not so humble orange.  Citrus Sinensis, the sweet orange.  This can be paired with almost any drink from gin to whisky to rum, great to work with, consistent in temperament and availability.  Ours come from Spain and form an essential part of our mixes as well as being offered in a pack on its own.


Day 6. Global.  Again more favourites, but very different gins (most of my collection seems to be A Favourite.)  I am showing off Scapegrace gin from New Zealand, one of my early faves, a really reliable all round gin. And Bison gin from Germany, given to me by a very lovely friend.  This has an actual blade of bison grass in the bottle - and sadly a replacement top as the original cork gave up the ghost and crumbled. 


Day 4. Book. A nice easy one.


Day 5. Local.  Featuring the utterly divine Barrel Aged gin from Brentingby Gin, Gin & Raspberry liqueur from Sloeberry Spirits and Grantham Gin's Spiced Apple & Gingerbread.  I had just finished their Iron Lady Zesty Orange.  These three companies are all within 20 miles of Zest HQ.  Then we have Black Shuck and Archangel Gin from Norfolk, where I grew up.


Day 3. Shelfie.  As my mother would say, 'You're never going to drink all that', and she is probably right, but I just love collecting gin.  What can I say?


Day 2. G & T.  This is much more like it.  I choose Lone Wolf gin, Mediterranean tonic and our dehydrated lemon slices for this one, and as it was a warm day decided to plonk it in our water feature in the back garden.  Some clever cropping later and it doesn't look too bad.


Day 1. Introductions.  Now I bloomin' hate being in front of the camera, so this is appallingly embarrassing to have on my own website.  But there we are, it won't be here long.

Please drink responsibly, but always drink beautifully

Ever wasted a whole lemon for the sake of one slice in your G and T? They just don't keep that well once they are cut, do they?

Ever fancied a cocktail but didn't have the orange/lemon/lime/berries available to give it that finishing touch?

These bags of dried, mixed fruit will last for months and provide just about all the fruity garnish you could wish for.